About Ravia

Ravia has been creating original masterpieces since the age of 10. After tragically losing her mother and brother in a fatal car accident, she discovered her innate gift for music and used it as a creative outlet for her thoughts and emotions. Little did the young talent know, that gift would bring forth many opportunities in her future.

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Ravia was classically trained in violin throughout her formative years. Later, she made her passion for melody the main focus of her studies. She minored in Music Management at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Known for its rich music culture, the lively city proved to be a springboard for her professional career as she gained immense experience in many of the local studios. By just 22 years old, the artist was working with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Ravia has a phenomenal ability that brings profound sentiment into her music, making her unique style easily recognizable. Her catchy pop tunes feature a splash of soulful R&B, while her relatable lyrics speak to the ups and downs we all experience in life and love. She is known for having a way with words.

Early on, the songsmith was moved by the powerful works of Diane Warren and Babyface. Ravia has also been inspired by creators like Ryan Tedder, Justin Tranter, Sia, Priscilla Renae, and many others, including her many colleagues and peers.

The accomplished musician doesn’t just make music for others, but also for herself, a true testament to her deep devotion to her craft. Her impressive background has prepared her for many great things, while her tenacity and determination guarantee perfection in her every song. To watch her in action is truly breathtaking.

Now based in Los Angeles, Ravia continues to build her career, working closely with many renowned artists and producers. She has also launched her own production company, TRUEculture Music Group, through which she helps up-and-coming musicians on their journey to success. Ravia genuinely lives and breathes music and looks forward to collaborating with others to create something magical and everlasting. She dreams of writing hits that will be listened to for generations to come.